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Use the form below to contribute an image to the Amateur Space Images library. Before you do so, please make sure you (or the person on whose behalf you are submitting an image) have copyright over the image.

Basic (Required) Information
File to upload:
NOTE: A 10-MB upload worked through this form, but a 34-MB one did not. So we suggest that if your image is larger than 10 MB, you upload a reduced-resolution version here and provide in the caption a link to a place where the larger one may be downloaded.
Your email:
Name of image processor(s):
Title for the image:
Short caption:

One or two sentences with the basic information about the image (what it shows, what spacecraft took it, when). If you run out of space here, continue in the "additional information" box below.

Image credit

Full credit line for both data and processor. If you're not sure about the correct credit for the image data, go to the copyright page for a list. I cannot figure out why the display of this field is so wonky. Working on it.


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Optional (But Highly Desirable) Information
Data Date That is, the date the original data was acquired. In M/D/YYYY format (sorry to people outside the U.S.; that format is what Convio requires).
Additional information: Please write as much as you can about the image. How was it processed? Using what tools? Can you link to the original data? If you want, you can use simple HTML tags for markup (p, em, strong, and a tags are all safe). It is also OK to provide a link here to a blog entry you may have written about the image.

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