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Don Davis

Don Davis

Don Davis

Don Davis is a space artist and animator. He is a member and Fellow of the International Association of Astronomical Artists. Visit his website to see his paintings and his writing on the colors of Mars.

Mars as seen from Deimos (painting by Don Davis)

© Don Davis,

Mars as seen from Deimos (painting by Don Davis)
This artist concept shows Mars from the perspective of Deimos.

Latest Blog Posts

The Mariner Mars Globe

November 29, 2013

In 1971 I was being trained to work with the airbrush by the map artists at the U.S. Geological Survey's Branch of Astrogeologic Studies in Flagstaff. However, the project I ended up spending about a quarter of a man-year on was a hand-painted map globe of Mars.

Latest Processed Space Images

Saturn eclipsing the Sun

July 17, 2017

The celebrated backlit rings mosaic of September 15, 2006 was assembled, shortly before the official release, from the RGB raw jpegs. A frame showing lens flare from the Suns last light was included assuming that light would appear red.

Opportunity sees a dust devil

July 17, 2017

On March 31, 2016 the long lasting rover Opportunity caught this view of a large dust devil winding its way across the Martian landscape.

Looking into the depths of the Great Red Spot

July 17, 2017

As JUNO made its long awaited close pass over the Great Red Spot it obtained this image, the highest resolution view yet obtained of this enigmatic and enduring cyclonic storm.

astronaut on Phobos
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