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The Stormscapes of Saturn

Posted By Bill Dunford

04-03-2013 12:25 CST

Topics: Cassini, pretty pictures, atmospheres, amateur image processing, Saturn

It’s easy to be distracted by Saturn’s rings—which are so awesome in the original sense of that word—and by its jewelbox of moons. But the planet itself is amazing, a surface-less sea of clouds.

From a distance, Saturn looks majestic, tranquil, serene. But don't let that fool you. The cloudscapes are seething with whirlpools, currents, eddies—and sometimes huge storms. A hurricane on Earth is considered strong if its winds reach 200 km/h. On Saturn the wind speed can pass 1,600 km/h. Some of the energy that drives that weather doesn’t come from the Sun, but wells up from the unimaginable depths inside the planet itself. Down there, the winds blow even faster. Saturn’s storms also discharge powerful lightning, as much as 10,000 times stronger than on Earth. At its most intense, a recent storm generated more than 10 lightning flashes per second. 

Still, the overall result is beautiful. The storms of Saturn stretch from horizon to far horizon in elaborate displays of complexity, color, and power. 

To show just how diverse and intricate the atmosphere can be, below is a series of very recent images from the Cassini spacecraft as it floated over the cloudtops. It's remarkable that they were all acquired over just a few days during the last week of February. 


NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute/Bill Dunford

A collage of images revealing the details of Saturn's turbulent cloud tops. These views were all captured by the Cassini spacecraft during the last week of February, 2013. Many of them show the same spot as seen through filters sensitive to different wavelengths of light. I built the color picture from three images that were shot through red, blue and green visible light filters. These views are unaltered, except for some small contrast enhancements and the removal of noise.
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Bob Ware: 03/22/2013 02:33 CDT

Thanks! Great images! Lots of interesting meteorology in them, not to forget fluid dynamics. Those people must be in the dream of their lives! My favorite is the polar hood/terminator/limb image ... 3rd column, 5th down. Saturn; a planet of storms within storms ...

Bill Dunford: 03/25/2013 08:47 CDT

Thanks, Bob. There were so many good ones that it was hard to choose. That's definitely one of my favorites, too.

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