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Casey DreierJune 5, 2013

Download This One-Page Summary on the Threat to Planetary Science

Planetary Society One-pager on the 2014 Budget
Planetary Society One-pager on the 2014 Budget
On one page we state the problem, solution, and consequences of the disproportionate cut to NASA's Planetary Science Division in 2014. Great to leave with your representative! Click to download PDF.

When we visit legislators or staff members in Congress we always provide them with a "leave-behind" to reinforce our position.

This tends to be a one page summary of our reason for visiting, which right now is about stopping the proposed cuts to NASA's Planetary Science Division in next year's budget.

It's a dense page, since there's a lot to talk about, but I'm pretty happy with it. Please download (1.2 MB PDF) and share this with family, friends, or even your local representatives. It's a high-resolution PDF, and it will look great when printed by a quality color printer.

If you have any questions about individual points, don't hesitate to ask!

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