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The Bruce Murray Space Image Library

The Deep Impact Impact

Filed under pretty pictures, comets, comet Tempel 1, Deep Impact

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The Deep Impact Impact An 8-frame sequence of the impact. Each frame is separated from the last by 50 milliseconds. The upper right frame shows the incandescent flare. The lower frames show the expanding ejecta curtain. The shadow of the narrow plume appears as a gash crossing the left side of the comet nucleus.


Public domain

This image is in the public domain. Original image data dated on or about July 4, 2005


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Mike Martinez: 09/03/2013 04:27 CDT

From the flash, what did the observers view as elements & minerals in the spectroscopic readings? Was it water, carbon, methane, etc.

Emily Lakdawalla: 09/04/2013 03:41 CDT

You can find some science results here:

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