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The Bruce Murray Space Image Library

Map of all Mars landing sites, failed and successful

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Map of all Mars landing sites, failed and successful This map represents the best known positions for all Mars landers, successful and failed. Gridlines are spaced 10 degrees apart, with 0 longitude at the center. White text denotes successful missions; gray text, failed missions; blue text, future missions.

NASA / JPL / USGS (image); Emily Lakdawalla (map)

The map was assembled by Emily Lakdawalla from the following sources; any errors are hers. The base map is the Viking orbiter MDIM 2.1.

Mars 2: 45 S, 313 W (NSSDC)
Mars 3: 45 S, 158 W (TPS)
Mars 6: 23.90 S, 19.42 W (TPS)
Viking 1: 22.48 N, 49.97 W (NSSDC)
Mars Polar Lander: 76.57S, 165.2 E (read from map provided by HiRISE team)
Pathfinder: 19.33 N, 33.55 W (NSSDC)
Beagle 2: 10.6 N, 270 W (NSSDC)
Spirit: 14.571892 S, 175.47848 (Arvidson et al, JGR, 2006)
Opportunity: 1.9462 S, 354.4734 E (Squyres et al, JGR, 2006)
Phoenix: 68.218830 N, 234.250778 E (via press briefing)
Curiosity: 4.5895 S, 137.4417 E (via press briefing)
InSight: Within 3.31-4.46 N, 135.10-138.23 E (Golombek et al., LPSC, 2014)

The map was originally developed and posted in 2008; the 2008 version is available here.

Copyright holder: Emily Lakdawalla

Original image data dated on or about March 3, 2014


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