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Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

The appearance of a comet in the sky was seen by our ancestors as a forewarning of disaster. Today in these enlightened times the appearance of a comet fills us full of wonder not dread. However perhaps the reality should be somewhere in between. In a presentation filled with excitement, tragedy and humour the story of humankind’s relationship with comets is explored, illustrated by images of comets, with some haunting music, you will never look at ice in the same way again.

Note: This event is not sponsored by The Planetary Society. The Society has no control over, or responsibility for, the content or operation of events sponsored by other organizations. All inquires should be directed to Andrew Lound.


September 10, 2015 - September 10, 2015, 7.30pm BST
Worcester Astronmical Society
Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, Lower Smite Farm
Smite Hill, Hindlip
Worcester, Worcestershire WR3 8SZ

United Kingdom
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Please direct all inquiries about this event to Andrew Lound at [email protected]. For phone inquiries, call 0121 356 5446

Andrew Lound presents his Odyssey dramatic Presentation on the history of comets from early portents of doom to the latest space missions. Accompanied by images, music and video.
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