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Don't be a bystander for Planetary exploration. Be an advocate.

Space exploration doesn't just happen. It requires consistent and vigilant support by the public. Be a space advocate and reach out to your representatives in the House and Senate, or contact the President of the United States.

First, ensure that you are registered to vote in your district.

Then, take a minute to write to your Congressional representatives. Use the link below to use our convenient letter-writing tool that will send it to the right people.

Ask your legislators to join the Planetary Science Caucus
There's a congressional congress for planetary exploration—and any member of Congress can join. Use this form to write your representatives to encourage them to be part of it and help promote space science.
Write the Senate to Save NASA's Budget for Planetary Exploration and Mars
The House has passed its funding bill for NASA which would increase NASA's Planetary Science Division to $2.12 billion. But the Senate is considering a bill that would cut this important program by hundreds of millions of dollars. There is still time for a final compromise to be worked out. Now is the time to write your Senators in support of NASA.
International Members - Sign our petition to the President
If you do not have a U.S. address, you can still send a message to the White House in support of space science and exploration. Sign our petition to grow NASA's budget and promote planetary exploration.

It doesn't stop at writing a letter! Make sure to take the crucial follow-up steps and call your representatives' offices, schedule visits, or write opinion pieces in your local paper. Change starts one person at a time.

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Call Congress

A personal phone call to your representative's office is a crucial component to a successful political effort.

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