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LightSail 2 Mission Control

LightSail 2 mission patch

LightSail 2 Mission Control

Last Data Received: UTC

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Elapsed Mission Time


Sail Status


Battery Charge (Max 4.2V)

Internal temperature

x y z

Rotation Rates (deg/sec)

Attitude control mode

Spacecraft Location

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Advanced Data

Battery 1 Voltage volts
Battery 2 Voltage volts
Battery 3 Voltage volts
Battery 4 Voltage volts
Battery 5 Voltage volts
Battery 6 Voltage volts
Battery 7 Voltage volts
Battery 8 Voltage volts
Battery 1 Current AMPS
Battery 2 Current AMPS
Battery 3 Current AMPS
Battery 4 Current AMPS
Battery 5 Current AMPS
Battery 6 Current AMPS
Battery 7 Current AMPS
Battery 8 Current AMPS
Solar Panel -X Temp°C
Solar Panel +X Temp°C
Solar Panel -Y Temp°C
Solar Panel +Y Temp°C
Payload 3v3 Temp°C
RF Amp Temperature A°C
Daughter B Temperature °C

Latest Articles

Earth from  LightSail 2

LightSail 2 Team to Conduct More Testing before Sail Deployment
Sail deployment is now scheduled for no earlier than 21 July 2019.

LightSail 2 see Earth

Here are the First Pictures of Earth from LightSail 2
Pictures taken by the spacecraft's cameras Friday evening show a crescent Earth, as LightSail 2 heads into orbital sunset.

LightSail 2 dashboard

See the Latest Data from LightSail 2 on Our New Mission Control Dashboard
Would you like to see the latest data from The Planetary Society's LightSail 2 spacecraft—possibly before flight controllers have even seen it? Now you can!

LightSail 2

LightSail 2 Healthy as Mission Team Continues Spacecraft Checkouts
The mission team is working through a 73-step checklist to check out the spacecraft’s systems and perform various tests.

LightSail 2 first contact

First Contact! LightSail 2 Phones Home to Mission Control
The mission team received LightSail 2's first signals on 2 July at 01:34 PDT (08:34 UTC), as the spacecraft passed over Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in California.

Liftoff of LightSail 2

LightSail 2 Has Launched!
The Planetary Society's solar sail CubeSat lifted off from Kennedy Space Center, Florida on 25 June at 02:30 EDT (06:30 UTC).

STP-2 with LightSail 2 on the pad, hangar view

LightSail 2 is Ready for Launch
The Planetary Society's solar sailing spacecraft is ready to take flight. We got an up-close look at its ride to orbit.

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