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Ricardo Nunes

I'm a Portuguese amateur astronomer and I started in 1997 using a 2.4'' altazimutal refractor and a 4.5'' German equatorial reflector. I'm also a member of the Portuguese Amateur Astronomers Association - A.P.A.A.- where I learned about adapting webcams to do astrophotography. I think that these cameras are a very interesting way of entering into CCD imaging for a small price and also to get good results from modest telescopes. Now I'm using conventional CCD. Right now, my imaging setup is based on a Celestron 8'' SCT mounted on a Vixen SuperPolaris mount, a Starlight MX516 CCD with USB interface and a Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000.

You can also see:
My website
My photo galeries
My blog about space simulation, 3D models and textures

Latest Processed Space Images

Tvashtar Paterae from Galileo Orbit I27

Tvashtar Paterae from Galileo Orbit I27

Posted 2013/09/03 | 0 comments

This mosaic of images from the Galileo Solid-State Imaging Experiment (SSI), acquired during the I27 orbit on February 22, 2000, covers the Tvashtar Paterae volcano on Io. The higher resolution images covering the volcano have been processed with a high-pass filter and color balanced, and overlain atop lower resolution images for context.

Culann Patera Region, Io

Culann Patera Region, Io

Posted 2013/09/03 | 0 comments

This mosaic of images from the Galileo Solid-State Imaging Experiment (SSI) combines higher resolution images of volcanic features in the region of Io's Culann Patera atop lower resolution images to fill in the gaps. The images were processed with a high-pass filter and color balanced. The high-resolution images were taken during Galileo's I32 orbit on October 16, 2001.

Itokawa in color

Itokawa in color

Posted 2013/02/12 | 0 comments

The images for this color view of Itokawa were taken by Hayabusa during the descent phase of the mission, on November 3, 2005 at 23:30.

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