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James Sorenson

Latest Processed Space Images

Curiosity sol 783 sunset panorama containing Siding Spring

Curiosity sol 783 sunset panorama containing Siding Spring

Posted 2014/11/03 | 0 comments

Curiosity took the photos for this panorama just after sunset on sol 783, at 6:11 local time. The twilight sky is still bright thanks to lots of dust in the atmosphere. Near the extreme upper left corner of this panorama is a single bright pixel representing comet Siding Spring, which had just passed close by Mars a couple of hours earlier. (The comet is difficult to spot unless you enlarge the photo to its full resolution.) This photo was taken at about 21:10 UT on October 19; closest approach occurred at 18:27.

Pillinger Point

Pillinger Point

Posted 2014/06/03 | 0 comments

Atop a rocky ridge named Pillinger Point, Opportunity gazed down into the bowl of Endeavour crater to take this dramatic panorama on sols 3663 to 3668 (May 14 to 19, 2014).

Curiosity sol 613 self-portrait animation

Curiosity sol 613 self-portrait animation

Posted 2014/05/01 | 0 comments

On sol 613, Curiosity captured a new MAHLI self-portrait at the Kimberley. The self-portrait included images shot with the mast head in two different positions.

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