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Daniel Macháček

Daniel Macháček (Czech Republic) blogs at My Favourite Universe (in Czech) and posts some of his images and movies on this website and on Youtube. He participates at under the username machi.

Latest Blog Posts

The Two Faces of Phoebe

Posted 2014/02/13 10:03 CST | 7 comments

Cassini flew past Phoebe on June 11, 2004, on its way to entering Saturn orbit. The flyby was almost perfect but overexposure of some images have prevented color mosaics from being produced. Even though Phoebe's body is gray and dull in color, the absence of color images always provoked me. By using VIMS data, I have now produced color mosaics.

Images from the long-awaited Dawn Vesta data set

Posted 2012/11/29 11:55 CST | 4 comments

A few days ago, the Dawn mission finally published their archival data. During the year of delay I often looked with anticipation to the Planetary Data System to check whether or not images were there, and I am delighted that they are finally available. Was the wait worth it? Definitely!

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Latest Processed Space Images

Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 3D

Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 3D

Posted 2014/08/06 | 1 comments

A 3D view of the comet composed from images taken by the OSIRIS camera and NavCam. The resolution of the two cameras is quite different, so it took some processing to make it work as a stereo pair. The left-eye image is the original OSIRIS photo; the right-eye image is a synthetic one made by warping the OSIRIS photo to the shapes of features visible in the NavCam photo.

Vesta in nearly natural color

Vesta in nearly natural color

Posted 2014/02/19 | 0 comments

This RGB color image of Vesta was created using the 440 and 650 nm filters from Dawn's FC camera with a synthetic image used as green image. South is down and east is right. Dawn acquired these images from a distance of ~5200 km at a resolution of ~500 m/pix.

Phoebe after Cassini's flyby

Phoebe after Cassini's flyby

Posted 2014/02/12 | 1 comments

This mosaic is composed of images taken after Cassini's flyby past Saturn's moon Phoebe. Resolution is 60 m/pix. South is approximately at the top and west is to the right. Colors are added from images from Cassini's wide-angle camera and VIMS spectrometer and set to look roughly natural.

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