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Damia Bouic

Damia Bouic

Damia Bouic

Damia Bouic (France) creates rover panoramas on her blog Marsrovers Images (in French). (UMSF member: Ant103)

Latest Blog Posts

New Curiosity Self-Portrait

August 11, 2015

Amateur image processor Damia Bouic shares new stunning images from Curiosity—including a "selfie" from a whole new angle.

Sunset on Mars

May 06, 2015

Long before Curiosity's landing, the description of the color camera made ​​me dream: I imagined what wonderful pictures we could get of sunsets and sunrises on Mars. They finally came on sol 956, the 15th of April, 2015.

Artist's Drive: A Sol 950 Colorized Postcard

April 14, 2015

Amateur image processor Damia Bouic shares the process behind creating stunning panoramas with Curiosity images.

Latest Processed Space Images

Mount Sharp and southern Bagnold Dunes

April 25, 2017

As Curiosity approached the southern, more linear stretch of the Bagnold dunefield, it captured a panoramic view. In front of the rover is a section of what may be a longitudinal dune, but from the rover's perspective it's a nondescript, rippled sheet of sand.

Ireson Hill, Curiosity sol 1590

February 03, 2017

Ireson Hill is a lonely mound to the south of the Murray Buttes. Dark-colored massive blocks of rock (likely of the Stimson formation) tumble down over colorful Murray mudstones. In the distance, similar buttes retain a more coherent dark capping rock.

Frost viewed by Phoenix

September 11, 2016

On sol 150, Phoenix acquired this image in the early evening, revealing blue frost on its solar panel and on some of the nearby rocks. This was one of the final images sent back, as the lander ceased all communications shortly after, on sol 152.

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