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Tim Evans

Tim Evans

Tim Evans

Tim Evans is a biologist and associate professor at Grand Valley State University outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a crewmember on NASA's HERA XIII mission at the Johnson Space Center.

Evans' research involves the use of both molecular (DNA sequence data and other molecular markers) and morphological data to determine phylogenetic relationships among plants.

Latest Blog Posts

HERA team completes 45-day mission to explore asteroid, from Texas

July 25, 2017

What's it like spending 45 days confined to a habitat at Johnson Space Center simulating a crewed NASA mission to an asteroid? Tim Evans sends us this report.

HERA crewmember shares thoughts ahead of simulated 45-day asteroid mission

May 05, 2017

Tonight, a four-person crew will seal themselves inside a three-story habitat at NASA's Johnson Space Center, kicking off a simulated 45-day mission to an asteroid. One crewmember shares his thoughts before entering.

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