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Juno and Marble Movie update at Apojove 1

Posted by Emily Lakdawalla

22-09-2016 12:51 CDT

Topics: Jupiter's moons, pretty pictures, amateur image processing, mission status, Juno, Jupiter

Juno is on its second of two long orbits around Jupiter, reaching apojove (its farthest distance from the planet) today. It's turning back, headed for another close pass over the north pole in about a month, on October 19. That's when it'll fire its main engine again, trimming its orbit to one that'll last only 14 instead of 53.5 days.

I checked with JPL because I hadn't heard anything about Juno for a while, and the public information officer DC Agle told me: "Vehicle is in great shape. Instruments / flight hardware all check out." I asked how preparations were going as they get ready to start the science mission in November, and he said "Minor changes to instrument parameters – but nothing at all significant."

On September 26, Jupiter will pass through solar conjunction as seen from Earth. Solar conjunction has no direct effect on Jupiter or the spacecraft orbiting it, but the Sun standing in between Earth and Jupiter makes communication with spacecraft difficult. So, starting tomorrow and for the following week, there'll be no data playback. That, in turn, means a weeklong pause for the recording of the JunoCam "Marble Movie," which has been running since July 11; it'll pick up again on September 30 and finish up on October 18. They've been releasing Marble Movie images here in one-week batches, and I've been downloading them and reposting them here with thumbnails generated by Gerald Eichstädt. Here's Gerald's latest incarnation of the movie, running through September 10, which is well worth the three minutes it takes to watch it.

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RoostyScoot: 09/24/2016 02:45 CDT Combine this video with Moonlight Sonata for a delightful (and fitting!) experience

Jonathan Ursin: 09/25/2016 11:20 CDT

Is there any kind of timeline on the measurements of Jupiter's interior?

Karen: 09/26/2016 09:56 CDT

When should we expect to start seeing some publications out of the Juno team? Thusfar at least the imaging as been... let's say "underwhelming", and I'm still looking for some reason to try to be excited about this billion dollar mission. Since imaging isn't the point of the mission...

Messy: 09/27/2016 07:39 CDT

JunoCam was a publicity stunt. That being said, when the thing's at apajove, it should look for some outer moons, even if they're fuzzy. Sort of like New Horizon's observations of KBOs. The main point of the mission is the innerds of Jupiter, which is really important. There wasn't all that much coverage of MESSENGER's observations of Mercury. Besides, this is the eighth mission to Jupiter, and the thrill is gone.

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