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Bruce Betts' Online College Intro Astronomy Course 2016

Introduction to Planetary Science and Astronomy

Want to take an Introductory Planetary Science and Astronomy class at your leisure with the Planetary Society's Director of Science and Technology, Dr. Bruce Betts? He is teaching the virtual college class at California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) spring semester 2016-- Physics 195: Introduction to Planetary Science and Astronomy.

The course begins Tuesday, February 2, 2016 with weekly classes running from 3:00-4:30pm Pacific Time. You can watch each class live on CSUDH DHTV and Ustream or view archived classes that will be posted to this page shortly after their live presentations.

Bruce Betts
Bruce Betts
Bruce Betts, Director of Science and Technology, The Planetary Society.

Dr. Betts guides you through the solar system and universe in a class heavy on imagery and fun, and light on math, while still giving you a strong introduction to what we know and how we learn more. Below, you can find class resources as well as links to an archive of the class. 

Class Resources

You can view the syllabus which includes the class schedule and reading assignments list. We will also soon be posting written class assignments as they are given to the students formally enrolled in the class. We'll also try to post tests. Unless you are one of the students enrolled in the class already, you can choose to do them or not :)

The eight planets, to scale (widescreen)

Montage © 2011 Emily Lakdawalla, The Planetary Society. Image data courtesy NASA/JPL and JHUAPL/CIW. Image processing by Bjorn Jonsson; Mattias Malmer; Ted Stryk; Gordan Ugarkovic.

The eight planets, to scale (widescreen)

Certificate Quiz

To receive a Certificate of Achievement for watching the 2016 Bruce Betts Introduction to Planetary Science and Astronomy class (Physics 195 at California State University Dominguez Hills), a Random Space Fact (RSF) is given in each class designed to be “the” RSF that users will have to recognize later to get the certificate. The certificate quiz will become available near the end of the course.

Continue Learning

Watching the course and want more? Continue learning and exploring by joining The Planetary Society, following Dr. Bruce Betts on Twitter, or Facebook, or Google+ and following The Planetary Society on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

Class Video Archives

You can view the archived versions of each 2016 class along with descriptions of what is covered in each class below. You can also access the archive of all of the Spring 2015 version of the same course and the archives for the Spring 2014, Spring 2013 and Spring 2012 courses.

2016 Classes

Intro Astronomy 2016. Class 1: Tour of the Solar System

Take a tour of the Solar System in class 1 of Dr. Bruce Betts' online Introductory Planetary Science and Astronomy course at California State University Dominguez Hills.



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