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Ian Regan

Ian Regan

Ian Regan hails from Plymouth, Great Britain. He has a long-time passion for astronomy, particularly for the Apollo Lunar Program and unmanned exploration of the outer planets. His biggest astronomical inspiration is the late British popularizer and TV presenter, Sir Patrick Moore. A contributor to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, he is also an image-processor for the forthcoming big-screen film "In Saturn's Rings."

Check out Ian's work at his Flickr and YouTube accounts:

Latest Blog Posts

Saturn in Widescreen: The Voyager 2 Approach Movie

Posted 2015/07/07 09:18 CDT | 1 comment

Ian Regan shares his mesmerizing animated sequence of Voyager 2's approach to Saturn—and explains the process behind its creation.

Another Pale Blue Dot — Uranus Spied By Cassini

Posted 2014/04/30 06:53 CDT | 1 comment

The Cassini mission has already returned an array of images of other solar system members from Saturn orbit: Earth (and the Moon), Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. It’s time to add another world to that list!

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Latest Processed Space Images

Saturn and its Rings in Widescreen

Saturn and its Rings in Widescreen

Posted 2015/07/07 | 0 comments

This video comprises 600 photos taken by the Voyager 2 space probe as it bore down on the ringed planet in August 1981. Each frame of the film is actually a mosaic of 4 clear-filtered narrow angle camera (NAC) images. The color comes from a separate Orange-Green-Ultraviolet composite taken by Voyager some time prior to this sequence.

A variety of moons and ring spokes can be seen in motion as the film progresses, and it is notable that the spokes appear darker on the left ansa (this may be due to the phase angle). The middle portion of Saturn's disc was intentionally omitted by Voyager to ensure the rings were captured in their entirety in each 4-frame mosaic.

Pluto and Charon in color: LORRI + MVIC, June 21, 2015

Pluto and Charon in color: LORRI + MVIC, June 21, 2015

Posted 2015/06/23 | 0 comments

A lower-resolution MVIC color image from May was used to colorize a higher-resolution LORRI image to make this view of Pluto and Charon in color.

Cassini spies Uranus

Cassini spies Uranus

Posted 2014/04/29 | 0 comments

A natural color photographic composite, capturing the distant disc of Uranus, with the bright F-ring and edge of the A-ring in the foreground.

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