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Bjorn Jonsson

Björn Jónsson

Björn Jónsson (Iceland) is the developer of the IMG2PNG software, which batch-converts spacecraft image data to PNG format.  His website contains simulated views of other planets produced using image maps generated from space image data; most of his image processing work is posted only within or on this website. (UMSF Moderator: Bjorn Jonsson)

Unless otherwise specified, the work of Jonsson is shared on under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Contact us to request publication permission.

Latest Blog Posts

Producing global views of Vesta from archival data

Posted 2013/08/21 12:18 CDT | 3 comments

Björn Jónsson produces beautiful color and 3D global mosaics of Vesta from Dawn's archival data.

Voyager 1 revisited: Io and Europa transiting Jupiter

Posted 2013/01/22 06:04 CST | 0 comment

What is the highest resolution global Jupiter mosaic that includes a satellite transit that can be assembled from Voyager images? Satellite transits are especially beautiful when the resolution is high enough for some details to be visible on the satellites so I decided to check this. And I was remarkably lucky.

Pretty picture: Landsat view of southern Greenland

Posted 2012/11/13 05:24 CST | 0 comment

This is a very large (19000 pixels square) mosaic of the fjords and glaciers of southern Greenland. I had been interested for a long time in experimenting with the processing of Earth satellite imagery just to get a comparison to the other planets.

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Latest Processed Space Images

Aricia Tholus, Vesta

Aricia Tholus, Vesta

Posted 2014/07/28 | 0 comments

Aricia Tholus is a hill on Vesta with a relatively fresh impact crater at its peak. The ejecta from the impact crater is some of the darkest material on the surface of Vesta. This photo combines color images taken during Dawn's High-Altitude Mapping Orbit with higher-resolution images taken during the Low-Altitude Mapping Orbit. The HAMO images were obtained by Dawn on October 26, 2011 and the LAMO images on April 30, 2012.

3D view of Aricia Tholus, Vesta

3D view of Aricia Tholus, Vesta

Posted 2014/07/28 | 0 comments

Aricia Tholus is a small, dark mountain on Vesta. This 3D view was made by draping a photo taken during the high-altitude mapping orbit phase of the mission over a shape model of Vesta.

F ring in motion

F ring in motion

Posted 2014/01/07 | 0 comments

This animation is composed of calibrated, archival science data. Cassini captured the 90 frames for this animation of the braided F ring at intervals of 3.5 minutes on February 13, 2013 from a distance of 650,000 kilometers.

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