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Ted Stryk over Europa

Ted Stryk

I am a philosophy professor at Roane State Community College in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Planetary exploration has always been an interest of mine. You can follow me on twitter @tedstryk for the latest updates on my work, which I often post on my blog, Planetary Images from Then and Now. Please note that since the processed images are copyrighted, they should not be reused without permission. If you are interested in using any of my work, please contact me at or

Unless otherwise specified, the work of Stryk is shared on under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Contact us to request publication permission.

Latest Blog Posts

Looking Down On Jupiter's North Pole

Posted 2015/04/28 10:12 CDT | 3 comments

Ted Stryk shares the most direct view of a Jovian pole ever captured by a spacecraft.

Venus From 33 Years Ago, and Why We Need to Explore

Posted 2015/03/05 02:41 CST | 1 comment

Thirty-three years ago today, Venera 14 plunged through the thick Venusian atmosphere to the surface. Ted Styrk shares some of his processed images from the Venera lander missions to Venus—and makes a plea for us to return.

Some Recent Views of Mars from Hubble

Posted 2014/11/26 04:50 CST | 0 comment

Ted Stryk showcases some of his processed versions of recent Hubble Space Telescope views of Mars.

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Latest Processed Space Images

The not-planets

The not-planets

Posted 2015/07/14 | 3 comments

The solar system contains dozens of objects that are large enough for self-gravity to make them round, and yet are not considered planets. They include the major moons of the planets, one asteroid, and many worlds in the Kuiper belt. The ones that we have visited with spacecraft are shown here to scale with each other. A couple of items on here are not quite round, illustrating the transition to smaller, lumpier objects.

Pioneer 11 view of Jupiter's north pole

Pioneer 11 view of Jupiter's north pole

Posted 2015/04/28 | 1 comments

Ted Stryk created this view of Jupiter's north pole by combining 's six best pictures (12 if you count the color pairs as individual pictures) to make a mosaic of Jupiter looking down on its north pole soon after Pioneer 11's closest approach. To date, no other spacecraft has gotten such a direct view of a Jovian pole.

Mariner 7 approaches Mars

Mariner 7 approaches Mars

Posted 2015/04/24 | 0 comments

Mariner 7 took this series of images as it approached for its Mars flyby, finishing on August 4, 1969.

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