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Gerald Eichstädt

Earth from Junocam

Gerald Eichstädt

Gerald Eichstädt is a mathematician working as a software professional and amateur scientist. He is working on a spectrum from research on foundations of mathematics, to pure and applied mathematics, and to applications in software engineering and development. His professional work usually isn't published, but becomes part of software products or services of client companies. He is co-owner of a small software company. He participates at under the name "Gerald."

Latest Processed Space Images

Jupiter, Europa, and Io from Junocam

September 01, 2016

Juno took this expansive view of Jupiter with two of its moons on August 26, 2016, on approach to its August 27 perijove. Juno was about a million kilometers away from Jupiter at the time. Both moons are farther away from Juno than Jupiter is. Europa is at left, Io at right.

Jupiter and Io from Junocam

September 01, 2016

Juno captured this view of Jupiter with its innermost large moon Io on approach to its first orbital periapsis, on August 27, 2016. Juno was about 630,000 kilometers from Jupiter at the time.

JunoCam tracks Jupiter's moons in the "Marble Movie"

August 30, 2016

This 46-frame animation covers about 6 weeks of Juno's first long orbit of Jupiter, from July 10 to August 21, 2016. Each frame contains a stack of one Io's orbit worth of moon images; each frame advances in time from the previous one by 21 hours, or half an Io orbital period.

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