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Emily LakdawallaDecember 23, 2008

Wrapping up items from AGU

I realize it's been a week since I left the American Geophysical Union meeting but there was just so much to cover! Fortunately, even after I left, I received some updates from some friends who were able to attend more of the sessions, and sent me some notes.

Jim Burke, who has a long and distinguished career in space exploration and now serves as technical editor for The Planetary Report, sent me these terse but informative notes on the Mars sessions that took place later last week:

I also wanted to point out that Ryan Anderson over at Martian Chronicles did an excellent job of blogging many more sessions than I was able to attend. He did reports on: Titan, Enceladus, Phoenix, Venus, and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. That only took him through Tuesday, so hopefully he'll be posting more later...

And finally, I'll just mention that little ol' me is the star of this week's Planetary Radio, reporting on the news from AGU. If you've read every word I wrote about the meeting, you won't learn anything particularly new, but if you skimmed my longer entries, it might be worth a listen!

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