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Good Luck, Nanosail-D!


Mat Kaplan
Phone: +1-626-793-5100

NASA's Nanosail-D is scheduled to launch tomorrow, and the Planetary Society wishes the mission every success. Developed by NASA's Marshall Space Flight and Ames Research Centers, Nanosail helped inspire the Planetary Society’s LightSail spacecraft, which is scheduled to be ready early in 2011 to carry out the first solar sail-propelled flight in Earth orbit.

"Nanosail has opened the way for a class of advanced spacecraft that someday may lead us to the stars. Its successful flight will advance solar sail technology and may lead to new applications for removing orbital debris through atmospheric drag," said Louis Friedman, Project Director of LightSail and co-founder of the Planetary Society.

Read more of Friedman's statement about the launch of Nanosail-D.

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