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The Leo Trio of Galaxies

The Leo Trio of Galaxies

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Max J. Corneau

The Leo Trio of Galaxies
I captured this image from my observatory! This photogenic galaxy grouping is one of my favorites because we see each primary galaxy from a different perspective. The Hamburger Galaxy is NGC 3628 (left), M65 (top right) and M66 (bottom left).

Technical Data: Captured Jan-Feb 2012 from my observatory in Atoka, OK at Texas Astro Society Dark Site using AstroTech AT-130mm refractor at f/6. Imaging sensor was Quantum Scientific QSI-583-WSG with AstroDon LRGB filters, all cooled to -20 deg C. Instrument guided by Meade DSI using PHD, mounted on EQ-6Pro GEM. Total image time 8.3 hours. Image Description: The Leo Trio is a group of three galaxies in the constellation of Leo, consisting of NGC 3628 (left), M65 (top right) and M66 (bottom left). The galaxies exhibit strong gravitational interactions such as the tidal tail of NGC 3628 and the distorted spiral arms of M66. The group's distance from earth is estimated to be 30 million light-years. M65 and M66 were discovered by Mechain in March 1780 and were later included in Charles Messier's famous catalog.

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Original image data dated on or about February 27, 2012

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