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Standing on Asteroid Vesta

Standing on Asteroid Vesta

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Raw images: NASA / Final 3D image: Moe Ali Haimour

Standing on Asteroid Vesta
This 3D model was created from images taken by the Dawn space probe as it orbited the asteroid Vesta. The image captures one of the "stretch marks" along Vesta. Images captured between May 2011 and Sept 2012.

The image was created using a 3D model of the surface terrain. The surface terrain was processed using images captured by the Dawn space probe. Once the surface tin was created, the images were draped over to create a realistic representation of the surface. The model was created from approximately 40 images, and the final photo was compiled with a starry background for a real-life affect. The intent was to feel like you were standing on Vesta and looking down one of the 15km wide canyons, that lie along the asteroid's "stretch-marked" surface.

This image is in the public domain.

Original image data dated on or about September 1, 2012

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