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Movie of Phobos and Deimos mutual event, Curiosity sol 351

Movie of Phobos and Deimos mutual event, Curiosity sol 351

NASA / JPL-Caltech / Malin Space Science Systems / Texas A&M University

Movie of Phobos and Deimos mutual event, Curiosity sol 351
This movie clip shows Phobos, the larger of the two moons of Mars, passing in front of the other Martian moon, Deimos, on August 1 2013, from the perspective of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity. The clip includes interpolated frames smoothing out the motion between frames from Curiosity's Mast Camera (Mastcam). Mastcam took images 1.4 seconds apart. With the interpolated frames, this clip has 10 frames per second. It runs for 20 seconds, matching the actual time elapsed.

Here are the 41 original frames:

Most of the images were taken with some image compression, but ten of them were returned to Earth with lossless compression. Six of those ten are shown here:

Here is a comparison image, showing the apparent size of Phobos as compared to the apparent size of our Moon in our sky. Phobos is less than 1% the diameter of our Moon but is roughly 100 times closer to Mars than our Moon is to Earth.

Most NASA images are in the public domain. Reuse of this image is governed by NASA's image use policy.

Original image data dated on or about August 1, 2013

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