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Every Viking Orbiter image of Mars' moon Deimos

Every Viking Orbiter image of Mars' moon Deimos

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NASA / JPL / Emily Lakdawalla

Every Viking Orbiter image of Mars' moon Deimos
Mars' outer and smaller moon Deimos appears in 111 Viking Orbiter images gathered between August 16, 1976, and October 18, 1978. Targeting Deimos was a challenge, and it was often cut off at the edge of the frame.

For each sequence, the range of image file names is listed, then the date, then the filter names, where v is violet; c is clear; g is green; and r is red. If filter names are not specified, all images in the sequence were taken through a clear filter.

The images were processed using Piotr Masek's "VikingOrbiterView" software to remove salt-and-pepper noise and to destripe images that had single missing lines.

Original image data dated on or about October 18, 1978

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