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Earth as seen from Akatsuki's UV camera

Earth as seen from Akatsuki's UV camera

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Earth as seen from Akatsuki's UV camera
As Akatsuki sped away from Earth, it captured "First Light" images with its optical instruments pointed at its home planet in an extreme UV phase. This view is from the UVI camera, which captures images at a near-ultraviolet wavelength of 365 nanometers.

The photos were taken at around 20:50 on May 21 (I think that is Japan time, so it would be 11:50 UT if that were true). At the time, Akatsuki was about 250,000 kilometers from Earth, which subtended about 3 degres of its field of view.

Here are views from the other two instruments.

JAXA images may be reused for educational or informational purposes, with restrictions. Visit JAXA's website for more information on their image use policy.

Original image data dated on or about May 21, 2010

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