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Planetary RadioApril 6, 2018

Space Policy Edition: Lori Garver on what a NASA Administrator (and Deputy) actually does

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On This Episode
Lori Garver head shot
Lori Garver

Former Deputy Administrator, NASA

Jason Callahan head shot
Jason Callahan

Former Space Policy Advisor, The Planetary Society

Casey Profile Picture Thumbnail
Casey Dreier

Chief Advocate & Senior Space Policy Adviser, The Planetary Society

Mat Kaplan
Mat Kaplan

Planetary Radio Host and Producer, The Planetary Society

Lori Garver, former Deputy Administrator of NASA, talks with Casey Dreier about what the Deputy and Administrator jobs are like day-to-day, how decisions actually get made at the top, and why the current lack of confirmed leadership hurts the space agency. Casey, Space Policy Advisor Jason Callahan, and Planetary Radio host Mat Kaplan also review the great news about the NASA budget, and reveal the possible fallout from the further delay in launch of the James Webb Space Telescope.

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Lori Garver

NASA/Bill Ingalls

Lori Garver
Lori Garver’s official NASA portrait from her 2009-2013 tenure as Deputy Administrator.
NASA meatball logo


NASA meatball logo

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