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Planetary RadioSeptember 24, 2012

Live at PATS With OSIRIS REx!

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On This Episode
Bruce Betts Head Shot 2015
Bruce Betts

Chief Scientist / LightSail Program Manager, The Planetary Society

Steve Chesley head shot
Steve Chesley

Astrodynamicist, JPL

It’s Planetary Radio Live at the Pacific Astronomy and Telescope Show, with JPL astrodynamicist Steve Chesley and Planetary Society Director of Projects Bruce Betts. Steve and Bruce reveal the exciting OSIRIS REx mission to an asteroid and then back to Earth with a precious soil sample.  Enter the contest to name that asteroid! Steve is also an expert on the Near Earth Objects that threaten our planet. Bill Nye and Emily Lakdawalla check in, and one listener will win a Celestron FirstScope telescope!

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Trivia Contest

This week's prize is a Celestron FirstScope Telescope!

This week's question:
As of September 20, 2012, approximately how many Near Earth Asteroids are known to exist? 

To submit your answer:
Send an email no later than Monday, October 1, at 2 pm Pacific time to containing:

  1. Your answer
  2. Your name
  3. How to pronounce your name
  4. Your mailing address
  5. Your email address !

Last week's question:
What is the south pole star of Mercury?

The answer will be revealed next week.

Question from the week before:
Who was Gale Crater named after and where was he from?

19th Century Australian astronomer Walter Frederick Gale

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