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Planetary RadioAugust 15, 2011

Visiting Vesta Fiesta, With Pablo Gutierrez-Marques of the Dawn Mission

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Headshot of Pablo Guitierrez-Marques head shot
Pablo Gutierrez-Marques

Flight Manager, Dawn Framing Camera team

JPL and NASA celebrated Dawn's arrival at Vesta, second largest object in the asteroid belt, with a public celebration. The Planetary Society and Planetary Radio join the party in this special episode that features a conversation with Dawn Framing Camera Flight Manager, Pablo Gutierrez-Marques. Emily Lakdawalla updates the news about Opportunity at Endeavour Crater, and explains the role of press releases in coverage of space exploration. Bruce Betts and Mat Kaplan learn what TDRS REALLY stands for in this week's What's Up segment. They also offer a brand new space trivia contest.

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