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Science Guy Bill Nye Invites You to Air Planetary Radio!

Our series will thrill your audience with the wonders of the universe.

Mat Kaplan, Host of Planetary Radio
Mat Kaplan, Host of Planetary Radio
Planetary Radio was a 2011 Parsec Award winner Best "Fact Behind the Fiction" Program

Planetary Radio has brought the Final Frontier down to Earth for ten years. Join 150 other radio stations across the world and offer your audience this award-winning, highly-produced half-hour series. Free.

Your audience will hear Planetary Radio host and producer Mat Kaplan along with regular contributors Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye the Science Guy, astronomer Dr. Bruce Betts, and "Planetary Evangelist" and blogger Emily Lakdawalla. Each episode also features an in-depth conversation with a leading scientist, astronaut, engineer or innovator at the forefront of our push into space. We consistently produce Planetary Radio Live episodes that are recorded before audiences at a variety of great venues, including the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, the Aquarium of the Pacific, and Southern California Public Radio.

A new episode is produced every week, and can be downloaded as an MP3 from our special broadcaster page or acquired via the Public Radio Satellite Service. There is never a fee for carriage.

Join 150 stations across North America and beyond that have added enthusiastic space and science fans to their listener base.

Reasons to broadcast Planetary Radio on your station:

We'd love to add your station to our online directory. Let us record a customized show promo or a special appeal for your next on-air fundraiser!

You can audition our current and past episodes here on our website or in the PRSS Content Depot. Mat Kaplan welcomes your questions about the show. Write to him at, or call 626-793-5100, extension 237.  We look forward to helping your audience find its place in space!

You can get Planetary Radio as an MP3 from our special broadcaster page or via the Public Radio Satellite Service.

Planetary Radio is produced for the public by The Planetary Society, the world's largest membership organization supporting space exploration and development. The Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by Dr. Lou Friedman, former Jet Propulsion Lab Director Dr. Bruce Murray, and the late Dr. Carl Sagan, and is dedicated to creating a culture of exploration and ensuring a bright future for NASA's planetary science program.

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