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Volunteering with The Planetary Society

The Planetary Society’s mission is to empower the world’s citizens to advance space science and exploration. Our volunteers around the world make this happen by reaching directly into their communities to spread the passion, beauty, and joy of space with others.

By signing up as a volunteer, you’ll gain access to tools and training that will help you share space exploration with the people around you. We focus our outreach tools on topics that are important to the Society, equipping you to teach others about other worlds, defending our planet from impacts, the LightSail program, space policy and advocacy, and more. We also provide tools and training to help you organize events, plan activities, and effectively engage audiences. Whether you’re organizing a discussion group, giving a presentation, or sharing space in a totally unique way, you can draw on these resources to help you make an impact.

Joining our volunteer group will also add you to a special email list with which we will share new outreach tools and other opportunities to get involved.

Join us, and help bring the excitement of space exploration to your community!

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