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Here are some videos and Planetary Radio programs related to the Mars Exploration Rovers. Revisit what we were doing and see where we are now.

Featured Videos

Join the Rover Party With Bill Nye and Robert Picardo

December 31, 2013 • 1:31

Bill Nye the Science Guy and his buddy, Robert, are ready for the 10th anniversary of Opportunity on Mars. The little Mars Exploration Rover is still going strong. Join the celebration!

A Photographer on Mars: Emily Lakdawalla Talks With Jim Bell

December 22, 2013 • 39:40

Jim Bell leads the camera team for the Mars Exploration Rovers that reached Mars exactly 10 years ago. He's also the best-selling author of "Postcards From Mars" and other books, and he is President of the Planetary Society Board. Senior Editor Emily Lakdawalla talks with Jim about some of his favorite images of the Red Planet.

The MarsDials and Bill Nye the Science Guy

December 31, 2013 • 6:18

Bill Nye tells how a simple shadowcaster intended for the Mars Exploration Rovers became an interplanetary campaign with the slogan, "Two Worlds, One Sun."

How 4 Million People and 2 Astrobots Went to Mars

December 31, 2013 • 7:18

Director of Projects Bruce Betts remembers Red Rover Goes to Mars, the Planetary Society's very challenging yet rewarding collaboration with NASA and LEGO that put the names of 4 million exploration fans on the Red Planet, along with Astrobots Biff Starling and Sandy Moondust.

Student Astronaut 10th Anniversary Hangout

December 27, 2013 • 1:02:15

For Spirit and Opportunity's 10th anniversary of their landing on Mars, Emily Lakdawalla checks in the student scientists who participated in the Society's Red Rover Goes to Mars project.


Planetary Radio Shows

LIVE 2 HOUR WEBCAST: Bill Nye and Planetary Radio Live Celebrate the Rovers

January 23, 2014, 7:00 PM Pacific

The Rover Party goes on stage! Planetary Radio Live returns to Southern California Public Radio's Crawford Family Forum to celebrate Opportunity's 10th anniversary on Mars. Host Mat Kaplan will be joined on stage by Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye the Science Guy

More Info and to RSVP


Spirit Lands on Mars!

January 05, 2004 • 0:30:35

Follow the incredibly exciting and finally triumphant arrival on Mars of the Mars Exploration Rover as it happened at Wild About Mars, the Planetary Society's big weekend event at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Opportunity Reaches Endeavour, and Planetary Radio Wins an Award!

September 05, 2011 • 0:28:52

Opportunity reaches Endeavour Crater, Emily Lakdawalla visits a New Horizons science meeting about Pluto, Bill Nye discusses a planet made of diamond, and Bruce Betts and Mat Kaplan celebrate the award of a Parsec award to Planetary Radio.

10 Years A Roving: A.J.S. Rayl on the Mars Exploration Rovers

December 23, 2013 • 53:17

What a long, wonderful trip it has been for Spirit and Opportunity, the Mars Exploration Rovers. Planetary Society reporter A.J.S. Rayl has been writing about their adventure every month for ten years. She looks back on this week’s show.

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