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In addition to the full schedule below, both days will have the following ongoing events and displays:

Please note that due to the nature of this event, this schedule is subject to change without notice.

Last updated 7:40pm PDT, 8/2/12.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Time: 2 pm - 11pm+
Master of Ceremonies: Bruce Betts (The Planetary Society)


Time (PDT) Action/Title Who/Notes Duration (min)
1:00 Will call and ticket sales open   30
~1:30 Open doors Exhibits, planetary videos on giant screen  30
2:00 Welcomes  Bill Nye (TPS), Bruce Betts (TPS)  10
2:10 MSL Entry, Descent, and Landing and Beyond  Rob Manning (JPL)  30
2:40 Selection of the MSL Landing Site  Matt Golombek (JPL)  30

New Visions for Humans in Space

Moderator: George Whitesides (Virgin Galactic).  Panel: David Giger (SpaceX).  Andrew Nelson (XCOR).  Peter Diamandis (X Prize)  30

Exploring Mars: Following the Water

Scott Hubbard (TPS/Stanford) 25

Ray Bradbury Tribute

Lou Friedman (TPS)Video of Bradbury reading a poem at JPLPoem readings by Robert Picardo  20

The Bradbury Imperative: We Must Explore


Andrew Chaikin 25

Postcards from Mars: Update on Science and Exploration from Spirit and Opportunity, and Expectations for Curiosity


Jim Bell (TPS/ASU) 25
5:15 JPL leadership/NASA VIPs Charles Elachi (JPL Director) and possible VIPs from NASA.  Exact time is subject to change and other talks will flex around this. 30

Create, Educate, Advocate

Bill Nye (TPS) and special guests  25

Mars Direct

Bob Zubrin (Mars Society)  25
6:35 Rockets to Robots  Mark Sirangelo (Sierra Nevada Corporation)  25
7:00 Dinner Break Exhibits, slides, and videos on giant screen and on webcast  75

The Planetary Society and Mars

Bruce Betts (TPS)  15

Video conference connection with other Planetfest sites


Approximate start of the live JPL/NASA feed.  We will cut to for important information or if we are winding down in content

A dedicated person will monitor the NASA feed to make sure we cut over for important material. 0

Content (details below) plus go in and out of NASA feed.

 - Eyes on the Solar System Mars EDL presentation: what to expect - Calls with MSL science team and TPS at JPL - Greetings 
Order and timing of individual pieces in this block are all subject to change.
Casey Dreier (TPS) Jim Bell (TPS/ASU) and Emily Lakdawalla (TPS)  Paul Damphousse (NSS)

Approx landing time with entire time surrounding this with Planetfest commentary in addition to NASA TV feed

Bruce Betts (TPS), Bill Nye (TPS)    30
11:00 Planned end of NASA feed until press conference    0
11:00 Check ins with people at JPL.Group Q and A with cutting to NASA feed when it restarts. NASA press conference via feed  Check in with Jim Bell (TPS/ASU) and Emily Lakdawalla (TPS) at JPL.   60

Close doors or flexible depending on NASA press conference time

Bill Nye and people
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