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LightSail 2 Launches to space!

LightSail 2

LightSail 2, our historic solar sailing spacecraft, is scheduled to lift off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center aboard a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket with a launch window opening June 24, 2019. Forty years ago, Planetary Society co-founder Carl Sagan shared his dream of using solar sails to explore the cosmos. Today, we are realizing this dream. LightSail 2 will attempt to become the first spacecraft in history to raise its orbit around the Earth using the power of sunlight for propulsion.

It’s all thanks to thousands of Planetary Society members and backers who came together from around the world to make this happen.

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We hope you can join us for this historic moment at Kennedy Space Center! Soon, we'll be providing information on how to get tickets, so please mark your calendars and return here soon for more information. To ensure you don't miss out, subscribe to our email newsletter!


LightSail 2 Launches to space!
June 24, 2019
Kennedy Space Center


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