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Sweta Sheth, age 14

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Sweta Sheth, age 14

New Jersey, United States

Proposed name: Nataraj

Justification for the name: "1999 RQ36 is one of the most dangerous asteroids out there for humans. Studies have shown that this unpredictable asteroid has a chance of impacting the Earth in the year 2182. However, scientists also think that organic material and water on the asteroid may have been the reason for life on Earth. In a way, this special asteroid is both good and bad - both creation and destruction. This is the reason for why I have chosen to name the asteroid Nataraj. Nataraj is the dancing form of Lord Shiva, an important and powerful god in Hinduism. He has five important works and two of those are creation and destruction. Also, His dancing form, Nataraj, does a special dance called Anandatandava which symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction This is why I believe that the name Nataraj is the perfect name for this unique asteroid."

What do you want to see next in space? "Next in space exploration, I want to see if there are any new discoveries on Mars that indicate that it might be able to sustain life."

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