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Daniel Fischer, age 17

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Daniel Fischer, age 17

California, United States

Proposed name: Kali

Justification for the name: "Kali is the Hindi god of time and change, and occasionally, death; as an asteroid of potential threat, time represents the ever present threat of the unknown and potential change to Earth that an asteroid such as Kali represents, with the small similarity of 'death' representing an unlikely impact event. Furthermore, this pays homage to Arthur C. Clarke's novel "The Hammer of God", in which an asteroid of potential impact (which, of course turns out to be on a collision course, it is science fiction) is named Kali, for the same reasons."

What do you want to see next in space? "Perhaps the best thing that could happen is a breakthrough in manufacturing techniques of carbon nanotube, required for the realization of a space elevator. Current technology is limited to centimeters in length, while thousands of kilometers (ideally made without nano-scale defects) are required. With the successful creation of a space elevator, suddenly space becomes extremely accessible, open to private corporations and individuals for far less cost and risk than rocket technology."

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