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Arianna Hull, age 12

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Arianna Hull, age 12

Illinois, United States

Proposed name: Keku

Justification for the name: "Keku is the Egyptian god of night. This name fits this asteroid because Keku is the Egyptian god of night. This name fits this asteroid because both the god and the asteroid bring something to Earth. The asteroid might bring carbon and natural resources to Earth and Keku brings darkness to earth. In myths, Keku was one of eight gods in a group. Keku appeared as man with a head of a frog or a woman with a head of a snake, or as a full frog or snake. Keku is also the oldest Egyptian god. This is similar to the asteroid because it is also very old. Its age ranges from 4.5 billion to 4.6 billion years old. With Keku's wife, Kauket, they create twilight. Keku is also the god of chaos. Both the asteroid and Keku can create chaos. If the asteroid hits Earth, it could cause a lot of chaos and damage. That is why I think you should name the asteroid Keku."

What do you want to see next in space? "I want to see a person take the first steps on Mars."

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