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2013 Save Our Science Exclusive Donor Webcast

 The archived version of your exclusive webcast is embedded below. It was originally broadcast on September 24th at 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT. 

You can download the slides we used in the program here [pdf].

Thank you again for your generous support of our advocacy program. You can follow all of our activities and latest updates at our Advocacy Action Center.

Casey Dreier: 2013/09/25 12:45 CDT

Thank you for watching! Happy to answer your questions and share with you the exciting things we've been able to do with your support.

AstronomyGuy: 2013/09/24 09:14 CDT

Great information, thanks guys!

Stan: 2013/09/24 09:07 CDT

Wow that is cheap!

Stan: 2013/09/24 08:57 CDT

OOps I was after the cost to do this

Stan: 2013/09/24 08:54 CDT

Can you provide us with a rough estimate of this advocacy program from TPS?

Bill N, CEO: 2013/09/24 08:52 CDT

How do I log in with you all?

Jimbo: 2013/09/24 08:52 CDT

Casey: YES, absolutely--THANK YOU to all of our members and donors for helping to keep The Planetary Society influential in Washington! Your support matters to planetary exploration! -Jim Bell, TPS President

Jimbo: 2013/09/24 08:36 CDT

Hi Casey--it's Jim Bell here, happy to join in if possible!

AstronomyGuy: 2013/09/24 08:26 CDT

What kind of arguments or actions actually work to convince them to avoid cutting funding, beyond just saying "we need X dollars to do what we want"?

Casey Dreier: 2013/09/23 05:46 CDT

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