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The Planetary Report • January/February 2008

Jupiter's Changing Face

On the Cover: This view of the tumultuous region just left of Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a cropped and enlarged portion of the most detailed global color portrait ever produced of the giant planet. Cassini took the images that constitute the global mosaic on December 29, 2000, during its closest approach—a distance of about 10 million kilometers (6.2 million miles). Although Cassini's camera can see more colors than humans can, the colors in this view are very similar to what our own eyes would see.
NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute


4 Global Upheaval on Jupiter: Change is Good! Amy Simon-Miller looks at the violent weather on our solar system's largest planet.

9 Titan's North Polar Seas: Emily Stewart Lakdawalla looks at Titan's hydrocarbon lakes.

10 Cassini at Iapetus: A Bumpy But Successful Flyby: Tilmann Denk discusses the difficulties with flying by Iapetus.


17 World Watch NASA's 2008 budget; the space shuttle and ISS

18 We Make it Happen! Astronomy in the national parks

19 Members' Dialogue The Pioneer Anomaly; exploring space

20 Q&A Did the Kebira impact cause mass extinction on Earth?

20 Factinos Venus Express sees lightning on Venus; Voyager 2 enters the heliosheath; exoplanet atmospheres

22 Society News Planetfest '08

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