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The Planetary Report • May/June 2007

Examining Mars

On the Cover: The Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, were designed to last three months on the surface of the Red Planet. Three years and more than 180,000 images later, these hardworking robotic explorers are still making thrilling discoveries. Opportunity's Panoramic Camera (Pancam) imaged these sand dunes at the bottom of Endurance crater on sol (Martian day) 211. Some of these dunes are more than a meter tall from crest to trough. The image is processed in false color for mineral analysis.
NASA/JPL/Cornell University


4 The Pioneer Anomaly—A Mystery of Cosmic Proportions: Bruce Betts looks at the clues in this landstanding cosmic mystery.

6 Searching for E.T. and the Cure for Cancer: Amir Alexander and Charlene M. Anderson discuss the goals of the SETI@home project.

16 Spirit and Opportunity—Martian Geologists: Matt Golombek gives an update of these amazing little rovers that could.


17 World Watch Save Our Science campaign; race to the Moon; Phobos-Grunt mission update

18 We Make it Happen! Winners of the 2007 Shoemaker NEO Grants

20 Q&A How long does it take for a comet to "die?" How thick is the ice on Europa?

21 Factinos Extrasolar planets "viewed" by Hubble and Spitzer

22 Society News 2007 Awards Celebration; Bill Nye goes to India

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Bill Nye and people
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