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The Planetary Report • September/October 2002

Voyager Special Issue

On the Cover: The Voyager mission played a significant role in the founding of The Planetary Society. And, starting with our first issue 22 years ago, Voyager’s images have graced many covers of The Planetary Report. Here are just a few of them.
Image: JPL/NASA. Painting (center): Paul Hudson


4 Voyager: An End and a New Beginning: Bruce Murray reflects on the golden days of exploration and discovery, explaining Voyager's significance today.

6 Voyager: A Grand Mission: Ellis Miner takes on the daunting task of summarizing all that Voyager has taught us.

14 Voyager: A Message From Earth: Timothy Ferris recalls the experience of developing the famous record that flew aboard the two Voyager spacecraft.


3 Members' Dialogue Supporting space research

18 Society News Scholarship and Shoemaker NEO grant winners; Argentina and Devon Island; Voyager's 25th anniversary celebrated online.

19 World Watch Public vs. political interest in space missions; Venus Express update

20 Questions and Answers Could Saturn's rings form another moon? Did Uranus' moons migrate?

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