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The Planetary Report • July/August 1986

Viking: The Tenth Anniversary

On the Cover: Ten years ago Viking 1 reached Mars, and the doughty little spacecraft began to turn the mysterious Red Planet into a familiar place to scientists and television viewers back on Earth. Here, the spacecraft looks across the cratered surface to the cloud-streaked horizon. Argyre Planitia, the large, smooth basin in the lower left, is probably the remnant of an asteroid impact.


4 NASA, the Presidency and International Leadership: Bruce C. Murray looks at what lies ahead for American manned space flight.

6 There Is Life on Mars, and It Is Us! Ray Bradbury discusses testifying before the National Commission on Space.

8 Let's Go to Mars Together: Carl Sagan makes the case for why exploring Mars should be a multi-national cooperative effort.

10 Viking: Reflections After Ten Years: James S. Martin, Jr. recounts the excitement and peril of the twin orbiter/lander Viking mission to Mars.

15 A Millennium Project: Mars 2000: Harrison Schmitt presents a new project for The Planetary Society.

16 New Robot Missions to Mars: Louis D. Friedman and Alexander Zakharov preview the next 10 years for Mars exploration.

18 The Mars One Mission: Kerry Mark Joëls describes a human Mars mission concept.


3 Mars: Realizing the Dream Commentary by Carl Sagan.

20 News & Reviews Beyond the fuzzball; spacecraft studies continue.

21 Society Notes Library outreach; New Millennium Committee expands.

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