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The Planetary Report • January/February 1986

South Pole of Mars

On the Cover: A combination of frozen carbon dioxide, or "dry ice," and water ice covers the south pole of Mars in this image reconstructed from data returned during the Viking mission. The martian polar caps, and the intriguing layered terrain that may hold clues to the planet's past climate, will be prime targets of exploration when human beings reach Mars.
Laurence Soderblom, United States Geological Survey

Special 5th Anniversary Issue

3 The Planetary Society: A Short History: David Salisbury looks back on the formation of the Society.

4 On the Prehistory of The Planetary Society: Carl Sagan looks back even further!

7 Looking Back: Bruce C. Murray explains the intent behind The Planetary Society.

10 Five Years: Successes and Failures: Louis D. Friedman showcases what we're proud of, and areas for improvement.

12 Steps to Mars: A Look to the Past and to the Future: Thoughts from numerous Apollo-Soyuz astronauts and cosmonauts.

16 The Mars Institute: Building Momentum for Human Exploration of Mars: Christopher McKay highlights the goals achieved by the institute.

17 SETI and The Planetary Society: Paul Horowitz describes the evolution of SETI, from Project Sentinel to META.

18 The Astroid Project Shows Results: Eleanor Helin explains how Society members have helped in this JPL project.


19 Society Notes Spielberg turns on META; voices of the children.

26 News & Reviews Comets, comets, comets!

21 World Watch Interplanetary Cometary Explorer, CRAF, and lunar missions.

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