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The Planetary Report • March/April 1982

South Pole of Io

On the Cover: A flat plain, probably formed by the repetitive eruption of thin, low-viscosity sulfur, covers the south pole of Io. The dark circular features are calderas formed by such eruptions. The calderas seen in this Voyager image are filled with either liquid sulfur at moderate temperatures or solid, chilled deposits of originally high-temperature sulfur.
NASA / JPL / USGS / Larry Soderblom


4 A Talk with Hans Mark: Louis Friedman sits down with NASA's Deputy Director.

6 Comments on the Crisis in Planetary Explortion: Carl Sagan looks at the state of space exploration, and what Congress and The Planetary Society can do.

8 A Talk with Eugene Levy: Louis Friedman talks with Levy about the future of space exploration.

10 Detour Assists Galileo Mission: Louis Friedman explains how a discovery made eight years ago is helping keep the Galileo mission to Jupiter alive.

17 Arabian Astronomy: Director of the Smithsonian's Center for Earth and Planetary Studies at the National Air and Space Museum Farouk El-Baz explains discusses the birth of astronomy as a science.


14 Q&A Saturn's moon Janus, Halley's Comet, and planetary alignments.

19 News & Reviews Chaos on Jupiter and Saturn; fundamental geology.

20 Washington Watch NASA and the Reagan Administration.

20 Society Notes Member perks at the annual AIAA meeting

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Bill Nye and people
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