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Piotr Masek

Piotr Masek

Latest Processed Space Images

One of the first spacecraft photos of Phobos, from Mariner 7

October 15, 2014

The small, dark spot near the top of this photo is Phobos. Phobos covers about 40 picture elements. From this data, Phobos was found to be an oval object approximately 22.5 kilometers long and 17.5 kilometers wide. Also, it was concluded that Phobos is a very dark object, with an albedo of 6.5%.

Mariner 4 images with Viking Orbiter comparisons

December 09, 2012

Mariner 4 didn't only see cratered terrain, but the images lacked the clarity needed to see Mars' more Earth-like features. This is Mariner 4 image #3. Click through to see many more such comparisons.

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