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Michael Howard

Michael Howard

Michael Howard is the creator of the Midnight Mars Browser software that permits auto-download and auto-mosaicking of Mars Exploration Rover images. The software is no longer supported but will remain a valuable tool until something breaks it. Howard also wrote the iPhone apps Mars Globe and Moon Globe. Find him on Twitter as midnightmartian. (UMSF Moderator: mhoward)

Latest Processed Space Images

Opportunity Navcam panorama, sol 1,774

January 02, 2014

A four-frame panorama of Opportunity's forward view on sol 1,774 (19 January 2009) shows more of the trackless dunes of Meridiani Planum.

Simulated view of Spirit's Home Plate North parking spot

January 02, 2014

On sol 1,793, Spirit captured a Navcam panorama containing a view of Home Plate North, the spot where it spent its third Martian winter (and all of the Earth year 2008). Michael Howard has dropped in a computer model of Spirit at the winter parking spot, providing a sense of scale and of the steep angle at which Spirit was tilted in order to catch the wan winter sunlight.

Spirit shimmies sideways, sols 1,713-1,715

January 01, 2014

Spirit continued its attempt to bump up the slope of Home Plate on sol 1,715, but its attempt to drive upward resulted in a sideways shimmy instead. An animation of Spirit's motion from sols 1,709 to 1,715 can be downloaded here (Quicktime format, 340 kb).

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