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Eduardo Tesheiner

Eduardo Tesheiner

Latest Processed Space Images

A sol 2117 spin of Spirit's front wheels

February 19, 2016

On sol 2117, the right front wheel spun and spun, improbably resurrected from death. However, little forward progress was apparently made that day.

Spirit panorama, sol 1,793

January 02, 2014

On Sol 1,793 (18 January 2009), Spirit paused to contemplate the spot where it had spent all of 2008, the steep slope of "Home Plate north." Visible at right are the tracks Spirit left as it descended the slope, including a trench dug by its sticky right front wheel.

Opportunity Navcam panorama, sol 2,006

January 01, 2014

On sol 2,006, Opportunity captured a forward view that included two sets of its own tracks, made on sols 1,950 and 1,952 as the rover had gone out and then backtracked to visit the meteorite named Block Island.

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