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Data and Metadata

The following pages are present in this section. More will be added as time goes on.

Dawn Vesta data

Index to data from Dawn's mission to Vesta.

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Rosetta's OSIRIS camera instrument

Description of the OSIRIS wide-angle and narrow-angle cameras.

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The complete Phobos 2 VSK data set

Phobos 2 launched toward Mars on July 12, 1988. It successfully went into orbit on January 29, 1989, and began sending back preliminary data. Several sets of images were returned on February 21 and 28, Five more sets of images were acquired on March 25. Then, on March 27, just before the spacecraft was to move within 50 meters of Phobos and deploy the two landers, the spacecraft's onboard computer malfunctioned and the mission was lost. Although the mission failed in most of its objectives, it succeeded in sending back 37 images of Phobos. This page includes both raw and processed versions.

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