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Visions of Mars Credits, 2007

Produced by The Planetary Society

Project Director and Editor-in-Chief
Jon Lomberg

Producer and Programmer
James Bumgardner

Audio Engineering and Re-Mastering
Bob Derkach

Project Manager
Bruce Betts

New Audio Recording
Mat Kaplan

Project Coordinator
Louis Friedman

Charlene Anderson
Jennifer Vaughn

Web Editors
Amir Alexander
Monica Lopez

Donna Stevens

Technical Assistance
Brandon Schoelz

Rights and History
Lorna Toolis


Neil deGrasse Tyson

Vice President
Bill Nye

Chairman of the Board
Daniel T. Geraci

Executive Director
Louis Friedman

Amir Alexander
Charlene Anderson
Bruce Betts
Andrea Carroll
Lu Coffing
Mat Kaplan
Emily Lakdawalla
Virginia Lalas
Melanie Lam
Stephanie  Lam
Susan Lendroth
Tami Lin
Monica Lopez
Brandon Schoelz
Donna Stevens
Rita Szeto
Jennifer Vaughn
Linda Wong

*) These credits reflect the efforts to modify the original Visions of Mars, lost on the Russian Mars 96 spacecraft, to an updated version flown on the NASA Phoenix spacecraft in 2007.  The credits only represent the modification and preparation efforts for the 2007 launch, and are designed as a supplement to the much more extensive and thorough original credits included in the Visions of Mars disk itself.

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